Matching Global Expectations :

The quality of yarn rests on the quality of cotton selected. Since cotton selection is a complex process particularly in India where it is largely grown on rain-fed land, Our Chairman’s brother Shri.C.Kandaswamy, Managing Director of SSM is having the expertise to procure quality cotton in bulk from cotton growing centers throughout India to meet our groups’ annual requirement which ensures uniform and consistent quality. Further SSM also employs a stringent quality control process at every stage from procurement of cotton to the finished product.

SSM also keeps stock of Organic Cotton with Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS) in order to cater the buyers who opt for yarn produced from Organic Cotton.

At the same time, we are equipped with most modern machineries and own with an excellent team have abundant experiences to remove the maximum contamination found in the raw cotton. To ensure the purest quality, SSM goes a step ahead to eliminate the contamination at the ginning process itself.