Excellence driven by technology :

All our units are equipped with the most modern machineries including :

Trumac Blowroom, Loptex Contamination Sorter, The Vision Shield with magic eye, Trumac DK 800, TC-03 Cards, Rieter Comber, UNILAP, Rieter Draw Frames, latest LR Simplex, LR Ring Frames with Suessen Elite Compact System and Schlafhorst 338, Murata Zic Autoconer with Loepfe Yarn Masters and Uster Quantum-3 Siro Contamination Clearers.

Each and every batch of yarn produced goes through a series of quality assurance test before dispatch. SSM has a centralized testing laboratory with the most modern and sophisticated instruments such as USTER HVI SPIN LAB 900, USTER HVI-1000, USTER HVI Spectrum, USTER AFIS, USTER Tester-4, USTER TENSORAPID-3, USTER CLASSIMAT-3, USTER Hairiness Tester, Sample knitting machines and Soft Flow Dyeing machines to achieve the ultimate in quality and consistency. The positive impact of these technological transfers is already being felt.

Today, our yarn brand “SUDHAN” is the preferred choice for its ‘Quality Yarn’ in both domestic and overseas markets.